What role does flooring play in your facilities

Most current office layouts and infrastructure support traditional allocating space with common assets. However, if a change occurs, office furniture, technology, and flooring must work together to support diverse workplaces and dynamic seating assignments.

It is essential to use a professional flooring contractor to provide a site evaluation of your facilities. A site evaluation will focus on crucial components without the commitment to redesign the workplace entirely.

Flooring advantages

Site evaluation is a hands-on review of your entire campus and focuses on three factors that influence the interior of a building and the lifetime return of organizational culture:

  • Avoid costs
  • Health and safety
  • Productivity

Avoid costs.

Getting people back to work is a process that includes procedures that have not been used for many years, such as injury data collection, accident reporting, and risk analysis. According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), eight million people seek emergency treatment for accidental falls every year, and 25,000 die from falls. In addition, 55% of all slips, trips, and falls can be caused directly by the walking surface.

Cost avoidance site evaluation includes a review of accident reports and actual inspection of hazardous parts related to the floor in your facility. In addition, a professional flooring contractor will help describe preventive measures to reduce future financial risks and challenges associated with flooring injuries. This includes safety and product selection, especially for hazardous areas such as exits, stairs, level changes, elevator and escalator transitions, and access to toilets and toilet facilities.

Advice consultation to avoid additional flooring costs can be applied to product lifespan and product measures that will reduce the cost of insurance, provide ongoing maintenance and make a recovery possible.

Health and safety.

Health and safety assessments may include:

  • A review of current products used in the space.
  • Their impact on air quality.
  • The durability and effectiveness of maintenance operations.

Absolute Floors have access to thousands of products to help organizations achieve sustainable goals backed by data and independent third-party authentication.

Are you looking for sustainable products that are less effective, free from red lists, post-consumer recycled content, or low-VOC content? Absolute Floors specialize in producing knowledge of thousands of floor coverings, underlays, adhesives, accessories, and maintenance products. Each production facility is an integral part of creating a complete flooring system to support planning and operation.

Many disinfectants and maintenance chemicals have been introduced to care for commercial floors during pandemics. Absolute Floor care technicians can help assess whether these chemicals and procedures are effective and safe for the long term.


A professional flooring contractor can review employee interactions in a location and suggest different surfaces that can improve effective interactions, such as moving a chair quickly to meet a coworker. Inflexible spaces, the interaction between furniture and flooring choices is critical to productivity. This is not a high priority in stable private offices, but since furniture, technology, and people frequently move around the interior, these elements should work together.

An experienced flooring contractor brings additional skills to the process to balance flooring performance with acoustic and ergonomic considerations. For example, noisy and distracting spaces or indoor spaces that do not help relieve fatigue significantly impact productivity. 

Flooring is a factor that inevitably affects every resident, so investing there has a far-reaching effect. Therefore, cost avoidance, health, safety, and productivity should focus on team building site evaluations. In this endeavor, they engage in their organization’s work of attracting, inspiring, and retaining the best talents.