Best Flooring Options for your restaurant

Flooring is the foundation of your restaurant’s decorative beauty, however it must also be practical and safe for your business. When selecting the right flooring for all areas of your restaurant there is a lot to think about. Safety and OSHA regulations for your kitchen and wait staff in work areas can sometimes be a challenge, it is recommended that you always check with OSHA and your city/towns requirements to make the right choice.

When it comes to your dining room area you want something that gives the customer the look and feel of the atmosphere you are trying to achieve for their dining pleasure.

Below is a list of options for your kitchen/staff areas, dining room and restrooms. With the options available and how well many blend together the possibilities are endless. A durable safe tile in your kitchen area, a stylish tile in your bar, have a lounge, how about a nice soft carpet under foot while they wait for a table, in the dining room a durable and stunning luxury vinyl plank will bring it together.

Let Absolute Floors help you create a dining room that is as beautiful as your food is delicious, Together we can satisfy all your customers’ senses in one beautiful area!

1. Title Flooring

  • A tile is a popular option for commercial spaces.
  • It has low maintenance and water-resistant.
  • Its durability and strength make it suitable for vast areas.

It is not only an ideal choice for dining areas but also works well in kitchens and bathrooms.

Tile comes in an endless variety of options and styles. Large neutral tiles are an excellent option for large, open spaces. Small, bold tiles are a fun option to impact tight areas significantly.

2. Cork Flooring

Cork may be the right choice for your flooring. This noise-reducing nature is helpful in crowded places. Moreover, cork is environmentally friendly, easy to clean and maintain. When properly sealed, it can be very durable. You can also choose cork flooring designed to look like hardwood.

3. Hardwood Flooring

Solid wood is an excellent flooring option due to its durability and timeless style. It can be used with any aesthetic design and is relatively easy to maintain. In addition, it can be refined and supported to change the look.

4. Laminate Flooring

Laminate is an excellent option for facing the everyday wear of experiments in your restaurant. Its resin coating makes it a scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean choice for high-traffic areas. It will also be flexible for any unavoidable leaks.

Low cost and flexibility make laminate a perfect choice for large spaces. It comes in a large assortment of designs and colors. It is usually made to look like wood, but it can also be designed to mimic tiles and stones, making it a budget-friendly option for an upscale look.

5. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is a popular flooring choice because of its affordability- They are also durable, require low maintenance, thus making them an excellent choice for a restaurant environment. In addition, vinyl flooring insulates and reduces noise. It also provides a smooth, safe surface for walking.

Luxury vinyl tile or LVT is the perfect balance between price and design. It comes in various styles and price ranges, and installation is simple. In addition, colors and shapes vary, making them an excellent choice for any decoration.

6. STone Flooring

Are you looking for durable and perfect surfaces for all parts of your restaurant? Stone is an excellent choice for a high-quality look and long-term use. It tolerates heavy traffic as well as drops and leaks.

Many types of stone are used for flooring. Granite and slate tiles are very durable and easy to clean. Look for textured stone to provide better traction to prevent falls. Stone tiles are available in many styles and can go well with various decorative themes.

7. Rubber Flooring

Rubber is mainly used as kitchen flooring, but it can be an excellent choice for all restaurant areas. It is stain and water-resistant and very durable. It is also slip-resistant and sound-absorbing. In addition, the smoothness of the rubber floors reduces the risk of damage to fallen dishes.

The choice of rubber flooring has increased in recent years. They are present in different colors and patterns with solid and embossed designs. You can also choose recycled rubber flooring as an eco-friendly option.

8. Carpet Flooring

If you want to create a warm and intimate setting in your dining room, carpets may be the way to go. Unfortunately, choosing a rug in a room where eating and drinking will fall into place can be dangerous. However, some options can reduce this risk.

The sound of the carpet is damp and soft underfoot, creating a calm atmosphere. It is inexpensive and can be treated to make it more stain-resistant and easier to clean thoroughly. You can also find carpet tiles, so if one of them is permanently damaged, you need to replace the piece of flooring.

Restaurants have a unique set of priorities for decoration and design. Careful research and planning will create a balanced environment of safety and security.

Perfect flooring can create the ideal atmosphere based on your style choices. Absolute floors can help you in this regard. As a trusted flooring brand, Absolute floors believe in style and function and are committed to providing flooring options that suit your lifestyle.